Men, Women, and Planets on Valentine’s Season

Love is definitely in the air. To guarantee a successful and love-ful Valentine’s Day, both men and women should explicitly express their love and emotions in an appropriate manner. Appropriate meaning, each Valentine’s gift should be well chosen so that the thought that comes with the gift will be deeply appreciated by the recipient.

Mars and Venus are different planets and accordingly, men and women come from different worlds. But this Valentines Day, it is imperative that both men and women be in the same world. To achieve this, couples or individuals should forget ‘last minute’ presents and prepare in advance about the gift that they plan to give their special someone. Doing otherwise may risk you both to becoming ‘star-crossed’ lovers and you may never enjoy Valentines Day again.

While others have the gift of instinctively knowing what their lover’s heart desires, some are not. Whichever category you fit into, you need to attune yourself to your partner’s likes and loves to allow you to choose a Valentines Day gift that they will cherish for the rest of the days.

The thought does count but the perfect gift matters a lot. Favorites and popular Valentines gift includes a bouquet of red roses, chocolates or your lover’s favorite perfume. Of course, these tried and tested formulas can be given new twists to make them more irresistible to your mate. For instance, a bouquet of roses can be swamped with chocolate love hearts; or instead of the traditional bouquet, you can put rose petals inside a lovely heart-shaped trinket box; and a favorite scent can be replaced with a pair of personalized cufflinks engraved with you’re his initials or the picture of you both. Or you can try renting his dream car and cruise the countryside with this supercar for the day. Spice is the key. Add more of it this year to make some unusual and unique Valentines gifts. Here are samples of them:

Gourmet lovers will definitely enjoy a luxury tea and wine hamper kit. It will certainly down a treat. If you plan on taking your lover to a romantic meal for two at your favorite restaurant, try to add more spice to the night by going to a West End show or a theatre trip. If your dinner only includes fine dining at home, select a favorite piano music CD to create a magical and romantic ambience all throughout the evening.

Likewise, if your partner favors music as the ‘food of love’, a personalized gold disc with specially chosen songs and voice recording of you stating how much you love him/her added as the last or first track will make a very ideal present. A romantic memory can be immortalized through this romantic yet simple keepsake.

On the other hand, if your lover has a healthy sense of humor. A quirky present of Lover’s candy G-string will suffice. Women can also enjoy nibbling on candy posing pouches! Ultimately, a pair of red and white sweetheart duckies can bring fun and romance once again during your bath.

What is Better For My Baby and the Planet – Cloth Or Disposable Diaper?

Diaper options

1) Cloth or Reusable diaper: a simple plies of soft and natural cloth – the obvious choice, unless you prefer wearing disposable clothes, using paper plates and plastic utensils, though cotton diapering wrongly appear to be a grossly inconvenient and messy practice suited to the last century.

2) Single – use or Disposable diaper: a tremendously complex combination of heavily treated paper pulp, polyethylene and other plastics, glues, dyes, synthetic perfumes, and a superabsorbent chemical, sodium polyacrylate, that absorbs urine and holds it in a “gel” next to a baby’s skin keeping baby DRY for hours.

Dry vs. Clean

Sometimes we forget, that DRY is not the same as CLEAN: the urine in a wet diaper breaks down into ammonia and is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria regardless of how dry it feels.

The chemical dryness of single-use diaper has produced a great lowering of standards in baby care because parents are led to believe that as long as the diaper feels dry, it’s all right to leave on. Whatever kind of diaper you use, cotton or disposable, babies should be changed often… about every 2 hours as diaper is a clothing worn on the most sensitive parts of the body not a toilet or a container that doesn’t leak and can be left on for eight hours.

Eco concerns

Unfortunately 8,000 disposable diapers are used over the average diapering period of a child, making up the third largest source of solid waste in landfills (after newspapers and food & beverage containers), it takes 500 years to decompose single-use diaper.

Nature and eco conscious parents are choosing natural cloth diapers as a healthier option for their baby and for the planet.

Sirgylam, Last of the Rujmel-Hiri’ Giants

The Human Origins: possibly a mixture of ancient genetic mutations
And a face lift from Homo habilis to Homo creatures we are today. But who did the uplifting?

Circle of Refaim

The Last Rephaim Giant

Sirgylam–sat on the top of Mount Hermon where there remained the “Gateway to the Sun,” a one time national treasure, that is, a few centuries back when the forefathers of the nation of Atlantis were alive and prosperous. Now they were gone and Atlantis as well, the world he knew was getting smaller, he was the last of the Rephaim Giants.

Sirgylam was one of the sons of the so called: “Old Ones,” from the seed of Semyaz, his father and Farina, a human he cohabitated with, Semyaz being a renegade angelic being: supernatural.

Sirgylam, was the last of the giants of what was known at the time of the Rephaim Empire, a circle temple in what is now known as the Gilgal Refaim (in the Golan Heights area of Israel, at one time part of Syria). This circle of temples and dugouts was packed with stones weighing 37,000-tons. He was one of the ‘fallen ones’. He was one of the so called wicked ones, a tyrant, bully, a giant in appearance. He had lived in this city of stones and boulders up to recently. Born from the union of gods and humans which formed the basis for his demigod status, terrestrial looks and all; thus, he was half-man, a Titan perhaps, one may say. His brothers and sisters were all killed in war, all 7496-of them. It was a time when the Moabites lived in the Middle East.

–Sirgylam knew extinction was near by for the most part, him being some twenty-feet tall, and of an enormous weight. His hands as big as a person’s mid-section and his eye-socks as wide as a persons head; it was if anything, hard to hide his personage. And his reputation for eating people out of extreme hunger spells was notorious. The village people tried to feed him but it came to the point, it was point-less, they worked day and night to feed him. And now times had changed, there was only one giant left, not two or three or some other uncountable number as it used to be. They possibly could handle him they felt. In addition to Sirgylam’s being alarmed at not being fed anymore by the village folks, Ura’el, whom had chained and banished his father to some far off island in the Pacific, and had chained and bound his companion Azaz’el, under a ton of rocks, was a bit depression lately. Furthermore he knew his days were numbered.

He had a thin beard on his fat face and sparse hairs all over his whitish tarsal. His character, as I was starting to explain before, was vile, and with a lack of mercy.

In thought, he was reminiscing of his father Semyaz and his friend’s father and companion, Azaz’el, who were both magnificent angelic beings at one time, gone bad although, one of the ‘Old One’s’ as they were known, who were assigned to guard over the earth, and took it upon themselves to cohabitate with human flesh. Then shortly after that took place, they ruled the earth with an iron hand.

It was a time when the Horde that they were involved in, when Sirgylam was young, stupid and vile, he’d sit and play the dragon-skinned drums to appease his father and his guests. He also remembered that demonic beings also visited his fathers den, and he was introduced to them. They were what was called the pre-satanic beings; ones who existed before the Adam and Eve event, which was before his time.

Sirgylam was now 513-years old; he had out lived his father’s people and the other giants; he even out lived Atlantis, of which he had visited in his younger days. Atlantis’ king was a direct decedent to Azaz’el, it was a time when many things took place, when an angelic holy being named Ura’el cast many into the abyss and buried others in the sands of the desert with stones over them, bound and tied until judgment day.

Sirgylam: the Rephaim Giant

Immovable, was Sirgylam as he rested in a laying position on top of the long grassy slopes of Mount Hermon looking down upon the Cedar Forest. There another giant of sorts, not of the Rephaim, but the guardian of the Cedar Forest named Humbaba was. He knew him well, ugly as sin, but a companion to talk to now and then; so was his outlook on the matter.

As I was about to say, he was imminently looking at a bleak future, to say the least; as blind as it was, he wanted one, just one last triumph.

The Last Triumph

The years of power, gold, of being fed by the village people, any and every thing one wanted was gone; life was sour for the last giant of the Rephaim. All color to life seemed to fall to a pale, faded gray, if not black, lest one ponder on it too long, and it become dung-brown.

Lunar Demon

There were two Lunar Demons, one known as the Dog-faced Demon and the other was Elephant-face Demon. Who seemed at times to be bosom friends? As I say, it seemed to be, for even demon betray demon. But in any case, Sirgylam wanted to have a meeting with Dog-face to conjure up one last evil episode, one that he could remember and others to the end of days, and could pass on to his friends in the Underworld as a diamond among diamonds as far as inventive evil went. Humbaba’s reputation was already made; he was the Great Guardian of the Cedar Forest. He was known all over the world, and very few ever entered the forest in fear of him. He was made Guardian during the region of Atlantis by the ‘Old One’s’, none other than Sirgylam’s father.

–“Yes, yes,” said Dog-face, as he was being asked by Sirgylam to assist him in some kind of a revengeful task against a Canaanite village, which Sirgylam was eminently angry at.

King Og of Bashan, the last of the Refaim leadership (the last king that is), ruled the territory from Mount Herman in the north to the Refaim Circle, he two was dead now. Therefore, the cries of the village were:

“Thank goodness for that!”

“If only,” thought Sirgylam, “if only I could take those smiles off them faces for a few days, weeks, it would all be worth my death to be (of the villagers, that is).” King Og was a masterful king, survived most everything but not the war of the giants like Sirgylam, and now Sirgylam knew his time was coming.

“What can I do for you?” asked Dog-face.

Dog-face was indebted to Sirgylam for there was a time when Dog-face was assigned to hell, under the leadership of the henchman called, Agaliarept; Sirgylam used his influence with his father Semyaz and his father’s friend another of the so called, ‘Old Ones,’ to get Dog-face assigned with his friend Elephant-face on earth. Now Sirgylam wanted payback and Dog-face knew it.

“Make me a spell,” asked Sirgylam, “… [pausing for a moment] one that will reduce my size and make me handsome and youthful; one that at my command will make me into a viper [a beast-worm], one with long fangs, and immensely poisonous.

Said Dog-face [sneering and hissing], “I can do this but the spell will only last thirty-days, and then you will return to your original from, should you remain unharmed, that being, if you are killed in the process it is your worry; should you be disguised as a youth or a viper-worm. And I add, you will be subject to all the rules of mankind when you are human, and animal kind when you are animal, be careful and shrewd in your dealings.”

Then the demon hissed again, and spoke hesitantly, saying: “In other words you want to poison the village in revenge for what eventually will happen to you–the abyss I presume?”

There were a few utterances from the Dog-face, an incantation as well, as he brooded in a circle around the giant. Then stated:

“My debt to you is paid,” and vanished akin to the wind.

The Giant rested then, waiting for the magic spell to take hold. Then all of a sudden he turned into a five foot eight inch youthful, nice looking, if not innocent looking, man. He looked at his reflections in the water, a small pond nearby, he was pleased, most pleased.

The Village

Unmindful of his previous form the grateful giant headed down the mountain with eyes that held new and creative revenge, his heart vile to its core; so delightful he felt, that he had his one last chance to make a name and bring upon the humans a deadly curse

among the town’s folks, Sirgylam, who now changed his name to Sirgy: got right down to business, looking for homes with open doors, windows, chimneys, any kind of entrance.

His first victim was a young jewelry maker, she was quite lovely, and had left her brick baked [adobe style] home open to the sun so ventilation could cross the rooms, which circulated from the backrooms, windows, to the front doors.

As she was putting some beads onto a necklace, she noticed a slimy feeling rubbing against her legs, she went to look, a snake jumped, leaped upward, it had a horrid look on its face: its mouth wide open; it looked as if it had three sets of gums, and the fangs reached out as if they were hands and grabbed her neck. She fell backwards off her chair and the viper-worm bit and bit and bit her face until it was unsightly, swollen bruised, beyond recognition; discolored as if it was a darkened rainbow.

This was not to be the end; it went on for a week, daily killings at random, no set pattern; sometimes there was three victims a day. The small village was in fear that if the snake was not found soon, the whole village would be wiped out. For there was only around one hundred villagers that lived there; not counting the farmers outside the village gates of course, of where there were about twenty more.

It was indeed the biggest event that had ever come to this village, other than hundreds of years ago when they had to feed the giants of the land and before that, when they had to share their women: wives, daughters and young boys to the likes of the Angelic-Renegades. But it didn’t occur to the village residents at this time, that their could be one amongst them, although they hadn’t seen the giant in awhile. Consequently, it was not related to the new young boy in town, the one that slept outside of town by an old tree and pond, the giant in disguise. He’d swim in the morning to get freshened up and walk into town, find a morning job, get fed, and simply walk around as all the young men do, feasting his eyes upon those that appealed to him, no one the wiser to his identity.

The Candle Maker

Thought, the Candle Maker: ‘What can I do to solve this problem?’ And so he called on an old friend for advice, who came to a conclusion he could accomplish this task and rid the village of this viper pest. He said little to anyone, and made a candle that gave off a sweat and enticing scent; then going about asking the village folks each to have a candle and asking them to light it when alone or sleeping, for the most part at night. Should they not, they’d be subject to the whims of the culprit snake of course. And he assured them that should the snake come it would be paralyzed from the odor of the candle; whereupon, they needed to get to him before the candle wax was to its end, and before its flame was put out. All agreed to the Candle Maker’s request, feeling they had no better ideas on the matter.

And so it was, Sirgy had turned into a viper-worm again, and found his way into the bed of the Candle Makers wife’s. As he was about to leap on her, the smoke and scent of the candle got into his eyes and throat, and internal organs, and froze, paralyzed him, as it was intended to do, as if it had some kind of allergenic chemicals in it.

An hour went by, and she remained sleeping, and the candle slowly melted down, down, down, almost to its bitter end, when the husband came in, saw the viper frozen upright on the bed: woke his wife up quietly, knowing the scent and heat of the candle was all most gone, and its flame almost out: he was astounded at the sight of the snake being a heads length away from his wife’s bosom, close to her heart. Then the Candle Maker, having brought his work items home, cooked up in liquid form a batch of wake, mixed the perfume into it, with a magic spell poured it quickly over the snake; incasing it in a world of wax, with frozen words from the spell.

Then a voice said: “You owe me your wife for a time,” she looked at the demon, as he entered the bedroom door her husband standing by her, the demon sitting restlessly on the bed (for he had played both sides of the fence, it is the nature of a demon, should anyone think otherwise); then she looked at her husband.

“It was the price,” he said feverously.

The town’s folks had paid the Candle Maker well for ridding the city of this monstrous viper, which was now forever enshrined in wax. And he now had to pay the demon for his spell and chemicals for the odor.

Said the demon, “…should the wax lose its scent, it would release the giant, but then, no one can live without food or water for too long”; which is how long he wanted his wife for.

Lancome – Perfumes and Cosmetics Empire

Talk about beauty and cosmetics and for sure, experts would raise the name of the world’s biggest beauty and cosmetics firm, L’Oreal Group. From the world’s beauty and fashion capital, Paris in France, comes the company that focuses on bringing to consumers the best brands for skin and hair care. When it comes to perfumes, the company surely would not be left behind. Its Lancome Paris unit manufactures Lancome perfumes that are truly among the most patronized and loved all around the world.

Imitation, as they say, is the greatest form of compliment. One proof that Lancome perfumes are well received and are loved the world over is the rampant selling of counterfeit and imitated forms of the items.

Anti-counterfeit regulators and experts from all around the planet identify Lancome perfumes as one of the top perfume brands that are imitated, counterfeited and sold to the mass market in important cities in Asia and Europe. Though the illegal transactions are harming the business, Lancome says the imitations affirm the brand’s reliability and popularity.

The initial Lancome perfumes were introduced to the market in 1935. It was in Brussels where the first five of the fragrances were launched. Those fragrances were Tropiques, Bocages, Kypre, Tendre Nuit and Conquete. L’Oreal acknowledges the fact that the perfumes were what made Lancome what it is today—a famous brand not just of perfumes but also of skincare and cosmetics products. Thus, Lancome perfumes are important products and have always been considered assets of Lancome Paris.

Through the years, Lancome perfumes were able to withstand the tests of time. After being known as a premium brand of fragrances, Lancome have been among the top choices for scents by celebrities and the opulent. Numerous fragrance lines and names have been launched and introduced by Lancome.

Among them is Magie Noire, which is considered one of the most celebrated and popular women’s perfumes of all times. Unfortunately, because selling the fragrances through conventional means became challenging to the margins, Lancome decided to start selling them through online shopping sites. The initiative only made the line among the most sought-after and most priced catches.

Back to the problem of imitated and fake Lancome perfumes, the company is taking measures to crack down on those businesses that propagate and distribute such items. What is more interesting is the fact that fake Lancome perfumes are among the most purchased. To Lancome, that means people from all across the globe love the brand.

Because of high costs of buying the items, some consumers resort to buying the imitation Lancome perfumes because doing so brings them the opportunity to enjoy and wear the premium fragrance.

Lancome is indeed one of the most patronized perfumes that are out in the market. As fashionistas keep on buying and using Lancome cosmetics and skincare items, they surely are also out to put on their Lancome perfumes. Truly, Lancome perfumes can be classified as among the top prides of Paris. There is no doubt about it.

The Development of Organic Perfumes

Recently, perfume manufacturers have started to gain more interest in developing and using organic perfumes as awareness of global warming increases. Artificial oils composed with chemical constituents and toxic synthetics are harmful to the environment and these kind of perfumes seem to be the answer to a natural fragrance that is environmentally friend.

Another benefit of organic perfumes is that they have been shown to also not hurt the skin and not cause a skin rash or disease reaction in the user. There are many various plant extracts that work beautifully to create fragrant perfumes.

These primary ingredients can be found in blossoms and flowers, leaves and twigs, and fruits. For fragrant oils, some common blossoms and flowers used are mimosa tuberose, osmanthus, rose, and jasmine. Leaves and twigs work well to generate the green smell desired and citrus fruits are an excellent source for oil extraction.

The state of the planet should be considered of utmost importance and staying away from harmful chemicals is a simple way to show responsibility to the environment. Instead of worsening things for generations to come, credit should be given to organic perfume.

The chemical additives found in fragrances often can cause headaches, nausea, and even trigger an allergic skin reactions or an asthma attack. The man made synthetic musk scent can be traced back to human fat and breast milk. Not only is organic perfume safer for the environment and general health of people, but is also less costly to produce. It is completely natural without chemical causing stains as well.

There is a whole range of fragrances offered in organic perfume and these tend to be of a higher quality than its chemically altered alternatives.

Why You Should Buy a Fragrance Gift Set Instead of Just a Perfume Bottle

As a young child, we indeed naughtily peeked inside those colored boxes that were sealed with ribbon as we had always been told that surprises came in every box. These boxes were mystical and tempting apart from that embellished wrap and lovely bow seated on top. Each moment of waiting was just so hard to bear that we usually ended up breaking up all the rules. We could feel the surge of excitement as we then eagerly lifted the lid and our eyes could not stop from gleaming at that marvelous gift which could only be found at the heart of that neatly wrapped package.

From that moment on, we fell in love with that gift and eventually threw the joy-giver countless hugs and kisses to let him know how glad we were. We mused at the thought that we may be the happiest person on this planet. We couldn’t put that gift aside. There was just no way that we were going to let it slip out of our sight and so we held it close to our heart even while trying to sleep. Finally, we fell into a deep trance halfway through the bedtime story with a huge smile spread across our faces.

Gift giving is very symbolic. It may connote love, trust, honor, gratitude, friendship, and sincerity, as it would touch anybody’s soul. It may also perhaps be an act of forgiveness and absolution as it can free anyone from feelings of guilt. In addition to that, it brings about joy and laughter to any withered heart. With every pack comes an enchanting surprise that can transform everyone’s perception about life.

Knowing the right kind of present might be grueling for most of us. At times, we would cross our fingers, as our loved ones would carefully open that little present that we had for them. However, perfume gift sets are perfect for any season. As the snowflakes fall, the scent of jasmine, honeysuckle and hazel fills the air. When the spring flowers begin to bloom, a hint of dandelions hypnotizes them. As the sun radiates its heat when summertime comes, a flowery scent of freesia and carnations enliven their day. Finally, when autumn comes, pansies, asters and chrysanthemums blossom and send out their enticing fragrance.

However, for fragrance gift sets, our loved ones never have to wait for the seasons to change. A single spray of perfume during winter would make the atmosphere warm. A splash of cologne during spring can send out butterflies. One can experience the true essence of perfumes as it can beguile them that it is summer even though the red and orange leaves start falling from the maple trees. With any fragrance gift set, we certainly don’t have to linger waiting for one climate to be over.

If you are planning to bestow a loved one or if you wish to give out a token to a friend, perfume gift sets and cologne gift sets are never amiss for any occasion. A body lotion, shower gel, deodorant stick, aftershave, soap, or shampoo complements each set of fragrance. Spoil your loved ones by letting them experience not only one product, not two, but also perhaps up to four goodies that come along every box. Each fragrance is intricately laid inside a special box that is sure to fluster anyone just by the mere sight of it. You can as well feel elated upon seeing your significant other display an overjoyed expression.

Buying a fragrance gift set is the biggest hit in town, as when it is opened it can definitely cast its spell on any recipient. If given to your significant other, its alluring redolence will make them feel special as it signifies affection and romance. If you plan to surprise your boss, he will definitely praise you for your delectable taste in perfumes or colognes other than your ability to work at the office. Once your daughter receives this, she would smile showing off her loose tooth to your delight. If you intend to surprise your young boy, then you will send him jumping up and down his bed. These items are definitely the best keepsake that your best friend could keep. Lastly, to accord this surprise to anyone is a noteworthy act of compassion.

A wide array of fragrance gift sets that come in various brands and hold appealing labels that bear the names of famous Hollywood celebrities like J Lo, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Calvin Klein, Usher, Perry Ellis etc are perhaps the best perfumes from this industry that the world could ever see. Apart from that, you can choose and select from designer labels like Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang and Thierry Mugler. Each fragrance and its complementary contents are all wrapped in a box for your convenience. Some sets come in a toiletry bag or a cosmetic bag that would send their heart thumping across their chests, as they would try to open the package.

To begin with, you may show deep and ardent affection by giving your woman a fragrance set by J Lo. Allow her to radiate and outshine others with its mystifying flair with the J Lo Glow gift set. If you wish her to feel like an Heiress, entice her with any of Paris Hilton’s gift set favors. If she is a princess type of girl, you can save her from distress by giving her a lavish Can Can perfume gift set or you may satisfy her mental acquisitiveness and fantasies with Curious and Fantasy gift sets by Britney Spears. On the other hand, if you are a woman who wants to impress her man, Calvin Klein cologne gift set is the first recommended product that you should let him try. When doing so, just make sure to prepare yourself, as he would smother you with kisses and caresses.

Above anything else, essentials that come in perfume gift sets at a discounted price are tempting. These cheap perfumes are more than what you will bargain for. Never falter at the idea of amazing your loved ones. Send them a surprise that they will never forget and that would keep them begging for more.

Perfume For Women and Cologne For Men, A Necessity of Today’s Lifestyle

A guy that smells great grabs an instant attention from all women, who love guys who smell good. Today guys of every kind feel incomplete in their attire unless they wear cologne that adds that perfect touch to their look depending on the type of the occasion in life.

What started as a task of adorning body’s fragrance by the use of natural flower extracts, has now turned into an industry that is based on the state-of-art technology and pros assistance to help in crafting perfumes and colognes that simply are amazing and makes the one wearing them feel confident with a shine that is seen by all. Today perfume and colognes are available in an array of choices depending on the type of guy and also the activity level he is indulged in everyday. While those sporty guys prefer the one that offers that fresh fragrance, and extends a feeling that one gets just after one he taken a shower moreover.

With an array of brands now there to offer their products, the one that has remained as a classic choice among men are the Leather. Created for men who are more macho this is one of the most popular scents for men till day ruling the hearts of all over the planet.

Choosing perfume and cologne depending on the occasion and the time often portrays the wearers taste and knowledge about good things in life. Wearing a fragrance that is too strong for an occasion which requires a light, casual one is simply appearing like an odd one out or a no-taste for style person and also doing the same in the opposite way is like earning a bad name for you.

So, when choosing to buy these bottled fragrances that are a pleasure thing in life, be sure of what you are and where you will wear the same. Lastly, choosing ones that will not cause any harm to your skin or any allergy is one major thing all must consider while buying a perfume or cologne.

Who Could Make the World’s Best Perfume?

Well first of all the ‘best’ perfume would be a matter of taste but smell aside, the next most important thing for a perfume to be classed as the world’s best is marketing. By putting enough money behind an advertising campaign any perfume or aftershave could make it to the top. There are many, many perfumes around now and some from sources which you would not expect to produce a particularly nice perfume. These include automotive companies like ‘Hummer’ and ‘Ferrari’ who both have a relatively popular perfume. As it is not the smell of an engine which sells the fragrance, it must be the brand doing the work. So let’s break down what would be needed to create a world beating perfume.


As mentioned above, brand is very important. All you need to do here is find one of the most popular brands in the world and have that as the base for your fragrance. So what are some of the strongest brands on the planet? Google and Apple are up there, Starbucks and Ikea are strong and McDonalds are still popular. Any one of these would probably work, as unusual as it might seem, as a backing for a perfume campaign.


Celebrities are another type of brand, whether they like it or not in some cases. So if you could couple them with a popular brand you would be on to a winner. Some of the strongest celebrity fragrances out now include Beyoncé, Kate Moss and David Beckham. Their faces in the adverts and the names on the bottle play a huge part in garnering fans of the fragrance. All you need to do is find a popular celebrity without a fragrance endorsement already.


Of course money will play a huge part. The brand will normally pay for all the marketing and advertising, plus the celebrities’ fee but if you want a world beating fragrance on a low budget you will be in for an impossible task, cheap fragrances just won’t cut it in this market. Or you need a gimmick unlike anything the world has seen. How about a perfume capsule you swallow which expels fragrance through your skin in your sweat. So you effectively sweat perfume?

Commercial Placement

Finally, commercial placement is important; having your fragrance on every billboard, TV advert, in every film as product placement and in the handbags of strategically place celebrities is the final key to creating a world beating fragrance. So it’s you who could make the world’s best perfume. If you want everyone to buy perfume you have designed, even if it is just one of the cheap perfumes you made in your basement, you need to start saving now.

Unisex Perfumes – The Emerging Choice of Today’s World

If you are a hip and freedom loving youthful type of individual, then there’s really one thing that should make you feel happy and on the top of the world – unisex perfumes. These days, perfumes are a universal accessory and are amongst the hottest selling product on the planet. Well, both males and females use perfumes these days. The market is flooded with perfumes that are a great personal accessory to enhance your lifestyle and top up your personality. However, you may like perfumes that appeal to both males and females, so there’s no reason why you should not go in for unisex perfumes.

Unisex perfumes are not the gender based perfumes that sold like hot cakes in the past. Instead, they are the uber cool perfumes that get along with your style and personality. So, while it does not matter whether you are male or female, but if the perfume you wear fits your attitude and moods, then you are already a winner.

Gone are the days when there used to be exclusive men and women perfumes. In modern society, the distinction between the role played between men and women has blurred, as many women now work in areas previously dominated by men. The vice-versa is also true. For example, you can easily find females doing jobs like driving buses, which was earlier considered a male’s dominion, or you can easily find doctors and soldiers who are women. Similarly, professionals like nursing are becoming increasingly acceptable to men. Many perfume manufacturers today are increasingly keen on going unisex with their brands to appeal to a growing mass of people for whom it does not matter whether they are male or female.

So, whether you are buying a unisex perfume for yourself or want to make it a great gift, it’s indeed a great idea to pick one from the supermarket store. Don’t worry if the label on the perfume bottle mentions that it’s a unisex perfume. You may have your own style or character, so a unique perfume will make you feel all the more creative and charged up for the entire day! Unisex perfumes are now available as a routine item in most stores and supermarkets around the world.

You can pick up a fragrance that contains the notes of a variety of ingredients such as musk, sandalwood, and other fruity flavors like mandarin and peach. Some gender neutral fragrances also have floral hints such as jasmine that are aromatic and soothing to your senses. Certain fragrances in this category also consist of extracts from spices such as nutmeg and cardamom that are refreshing and energizing. So, the next time you are out to buy a perfume for yourself, buy a unisex perfume and I’m sure you won’t regret your decision.

The Power of Perfume – Scent Your Senses Daily!

What excites your five senses? Smelling is a great one, and wearing great perfumes is like inviting a great mood or attitude of well-deserved, quaint, soft, subtle indulgence. Accentuate your bodily aroma by wearing a nice smelling perfume,one of your own choosing!*** You can enhance your mood by wearing perfume!~

Perfume in the early days was a determination of class, distinction and good taste. I can simply say that the attitude of wearing perfume has not changed much since the 1800’s. Perfumes are a great mixture of many elements, not easily identified or broken down by the average nose. For the most part, perfume is based on three identifiers: intricate mixture of top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Top notes are said to be more temporary and evaporate more quickly, while the base notes are long-lasting. Whether male or female, we can all enjoy the instant mood elevation and brain’s reaction to smelling a pleasant scent in our midst. The heart note is said to be the main body of the perfumes composition.- noticed in the middle of the perfumes overall aroma release- perfume is a multi-layered agent of beautiful smell with distinction. As a woman, I can convey my own experience of what I feel about perfume and fragrance. I know that it adds happiness to my mood, attitude and enjoyment.

Perfume is every woman’s or can be any woman’s solace and happiness. That’s a broad and bold statement to make, indeed. I will humbly qualify my assessment with examples and/ or perhaps attempt to enlighten you more about my view.

There are so many beautiful scents to engage throughout the course of the day. Smelling a great perfume instantly makes me happy, relaxed or changes a bad mood to a peaceful mood within seconds. I cannot say that I have even not enjoyed smelling a great scent, whether worn by me or by another person, Satiating the sense of comfort through pleasing scents brings me much happiness and enjoyment. I like to wear one perfume for a while and then move on to another perfume that is totally different than what I wore the month before. *** Perfume creates or invites a mood, creates or spurs a memory, or act as a gentle, soft reminder that the person wearing perfume is wanting to keep a memory alive, or to make themselves happy by enhancing, or adding spice or flowers to enjoy their own sense of smell. Perfume is usually worn by the person that likes to be soothed by smelling a chosen scent throughout the course of their day. I can honestly attest that I wear perfume for myself first, and if people enjoy perfume, they too will wear it, choosing a scent that makes their sense of smell happy too!

***Many scents engaged throughout the course of the day bring about change, encourage new thoughts, or even bring a sense of hope, or preparation. When I smell freshly brewed coffee, my eyes become alert and my mind gets ready to work. I like to take freshly eaten apples and boil the core and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. That smells so good and radiates a comfortable, cosy environment in your home of office. It’s an inviting scent for friends and family to sit down and relax. The scent of fresh-baked cookies is used by real estate agents to help prospective buyers obtain a pleasing smell connection- one that’s kept in the memory, by the thought of the home for sale, Utilizing the sense of smell, thus connects the buyer to the pleasant smell and connects the smell to the comfort of the home.

In economically harder times, people wore authentic vanilla extract behind their ears to smell clean and crisp, stimulating the sense of happiness, or a least they smelled like vanilla cookies. Again, stimulating another sense and bringing memory to the buyer through the senses of smell, sight, and touch.

While I don’t get paid to endorse any particular perfume, I do have my favorite scents and some are expensive and others, not so much. There really is little discernible difference, at least to me, as to what I wear more or less often. I enjoy a clean, crispy, classy scent, like the ones that remindMy grandmother was able to rapture just about any male within her vicinity, simply by her way of layering scents with other beauty products to enhance their hues and scents. I was gifted with a lot of sample bottles, by her, when I was a little tot. She gladly shared her scent favorites with my sister and me. A lot of her secrets to making her perfume last longer, was utilizing less. She was recognized by the smell of a,just dabbed secret scent behind her ears. Though, that was not often the case. A lot of my grandmother’s choice of scents have sent many a man insane with sexy, refreshing, alluring notes of brands, that are still well known in the perfume industry today. She always smelled freshly showered of fine, classic, modern parfum. that will always connect me to the memory of my grandmother. ** I also enjoy the sporty scents of my sister’s choice. I can easily be happy with the expensive, recognizable scents that my grandmother wore throughout her lifetime. ~

One of my few expensive indulgences in life is daily wearing a fine perfume and changing my perfume choices monthly, a myriad of beautiful smelling real perfumes and sometimes even eau de toilette scents too! Anything that touches any one of the five senses is an instant mood elevator or opens a gateway for peace, comfort or change. Listening to music and creating my own lyrics for music is also something that is very important to me and it stimulates peace and opens the gates of creativity by stimulating any one or more of the five senses. Combining two or more senses creates massive memory and mind happiness. Sometimes listening to certain songs while wearing a perfume that I wore ten years ago will really get my mind and imagination ready for creativity and full-blown prompting for writing great songs, poems or purging my thoughts in my daily journal. Wearing amazing scents can alter your mood and create new ideas, or even bring a smile to your face!

Engage any one or all of your five senses daily and have a better more productive day by bringing joy to yourself by what you see,hear, smell, eat, touch, or by showing love to your fellow man, animal or planet.There is something called aroma therapy that really helps you calm anxiety, feel refreshed and maybe even remember a fond memory that you selectively choose to remember.